A Small Town Life

To kick this friendship off I think you guys should know a little bit more about me!


IMG_4589 2

1d311331-0301-49f1-8f19-65824e34431d1.jpgBorn, raised, and currently residing in Midlothian, Texas. A town south of Dallas that contains good eatin’, lots of pals, and more than a couple dirt roads. The whole package of a small town life.

My family has a few acres filled with love, laughter, chickens, and a dog. We take family seriously but lets be honest… who doesn’t? My dog is my best friend and also my biggest pain in the butt. He goes by Roscoe and can be spotted trotting around the yard with anything in his mouth… and I mean anything! For the past three months he has been carrying around a REAL pumpkin from the garden?!?! Truly confused but gotta love him.

I like to keep things local even when I shop. My fav shop, Gemini Moon Boutique, can be found right in the middle of downtown Midlothian. A store filled with graphic tees, southern charm, and occasionally free snacks. I love supporting local businesses within the town I live and think it is important to always “shop small”. Which brings me to our next stop; work.

Currently I work for a local business owner at a furniture and home design store called Texas Pearls & Co. My day is consumed of creativity and meeting others, two things I love. It is nice to get away from school, get back to my roots, put on my dirty clothes, and paint a chair or redesign a space. I enjoy getting to escape the city and seeing familiar faces day after.

Overall my life is built on — Simplicity. Laughter. Loving Others. and Working Hard. Now that you know a little more about me I would love to know more about you!

Live everyday blissfully

                          — Kaitlin

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