Easter Nests

Happy Easter Everyone!

A treat I think is so cute, easy, and festive to make are Easter nests! With only three ingredients it makes for a fun activity to do with kids as well… (and honestly so good you’ll want to eat it out of the bowl)!!


To make Easter Nests you will need:

1TBS of butter
Mini cupcake liners
Non stick cooking spray
2 bars of semi sweet chocolate of your choosing
3 cups of shredded wheat cereal
1 large package of Cadbury mini eggs or 3 small packages


To get started melt the chocolate and butter over a boiling pot of water. Stirring occasionally, begin breaking apart the shredded cereal into a large boil. Once the chocolate is melted incorporate it into the bowl of shredded wheat. Stir until every last bit is covered with chocolate. Next is the most important part… lick the spoon!!


After you are finished place a spoon full of the mixture into each cupcake liner. Gently press the spoon into the middle to make the shape of a birds nest. Once you are finished place the nests in the fridge for 1 hour or until the nests have hardened.

Once chilled, gently rip off the liner of the nests. Take the mini Cadbury eggs and place 1-3 in the middle of the nests. Display on a plate and enjoy! Seriously so easy and a great addition to the Easter table!

I hope you enjoy. Comment below your favorite Easter treats and be sure to tag me in your photos on Instagram if you decide to recreate these Easter Chocolate Nests!

Live everyday blissfully



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