The Florida Diaries: Part One.

*WARNING* long blog ahead so proceed with a cozy spot and yummy snack. To ease your minds, since I have so much to say this vacation blog will be a two parter.


Oh what a dream this place is ! If you have never visited Destin, FL then WHAT are you waiting for?! Seriously one of the prettiest most quaint places I have ever been.


The view consists of clear blue water and white sandy beaches. Look down in the water and you can see the fish nibbling at your neon pink toes. Destin is the opposite of California, the water is warm and clean. My recommendation is to visit in late June ( to avoid June grass) or late August (to avoid kids). However Destin puts on a Fabulous Fourth of July firework production, just be prepared for a crowd!




The condo where my family and I stay every visit is the Holiday Surf and Racquet Club, positioned in the heart of all the attractions. It is right on the water and as you look up and down the bay you can see the fireworks without fighting the tourist traffic. The neat thing about the Holiday Surf and Racquet Club is that the building is positioned in a V-shape. By doing so every condo unit has a perfect view of the beach (how amazing)?! No extra charge for a beach view!!

Included in the stay guests receive access to the beach, free movie rentals, free linen exchange, a pool, fitness center, tennis courts, and shuffle board. Just what you need for a family vacation… However our family never used any of these benefits because we laid on the beach 24/7.

Out of the four units we rented there was only one unit not up to par with our usual stays. When mentioned to management they immediately took action. Since condo up keep is left to owners some are more luxurious than others. But honestly who cares when you spend every hour on the beach or touring the city?! We enjoyed our stay despite the disappointing unit and will obviously return to the Holiday Surf and Racquet Club!

-Main Event-

EC7D646E-5FA8-478D-BD17-15D7F982A78B.JPGOur reason for going to the beach this year was to celebrate my two AMAZING grandparents! Going on 55 years of marriage we just couldn’t pass that up. Their love for each other is unconditional. A week of making them feel special does not amount to the love and support they give this crazy bunch of people.

Not many grandkids can say they parasailed with their grandparents (but now I can)! Or floated in the Gulf of Mexico as waves beat us down. *Cue story about how I got swept onto the shore by a ginormous wave when I was floating on a giant toucan floaty. (honestly it was a real sight to see).

Our trip consisted of memories being made day after day. Like the picture below where we abruptly stopped on the side of the road to take a state line picture (lol). Or swimming after my five year old nephew as he floated out to sea… on the toucan… I’m beginning to think the toucan was a bad idea.



There were many laughs, lots of sunburns, but most of all a lifetime of memories made. This is a trip I will cherish forever cherish. I highly recommend visiting Destin, FL and staying at the Holiday Surf and Racquet Club where they provide a care free environment for guests and a place to come back year after year!



Now stay tuned for part two as I ramble on about things to do and places to eat!

As always live everyday blissfully

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