New York In the Summer

Oh New York you never disappoint. It’s funny how you can go to a city three times yet, each time will feel like the first. This time around I got to experience the lavish city in the summer (oh what a beaut). My friend and I chose to “roughly” plan out what we wanted to see/do beforehand. However, in such a large and overwhelming city we often got swept up in the views and found ourselves walking 30 blocks to different places.

ANYWAYS, I thought I would let you all in on where we stayed, what we did, and where we ate (this part is a long one)… so hope you enjoy and if you stay till the end be sure to leave a comment of your fave New York spots for my next time around!

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-The Hotel-

So I find that in New York when you discover that one hotel you really like you stick with it. The one that is in close proximity to the subway and within walking distance to different attractions. We’re all in agreement that New York hotel rooms are going to be small but we still search for that luxury. Well… let me just tell you choose any Double Tree Hotel and you will never look back.

Seriously, if the warm hot cookies don’t do it for you then the luxury will. First of all the particular Double Tree we stayed at is on Lexington Avenue, centered in the heart of Midtown. Second you are steps from Park Avenue, Madison Avenue (the best shopping), Rockefeller Center, Central Park, Grand Central Terminal, and all the other touristy spots. Third, you can walk out the front and hop on the subway to get downtown.

The rooms are spacious with plenty of storage and the beds are HUGE with tons of pillows (am I the only one who pays attention to that ?!)… and the added bonus of free wifi !! All in all big fan and highly recommend.


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-The Sites-

So my first two visits to NY, we tended to hop in a cab and go directly to what we wanted to see// do. Mainly because it was blistery cold and either snowing or raining. This time around we walked EVERYWHERE because we both knew the area a little better. We felt comfortable walking and chose to take transportation when we were exhausted or needed to go a little further. Soho was on both our lists. The shopping and loads of coffee shops are in abundance down there. Walking along we stumbled upon Greenwich Village located near NYU. A trendy area with all the boba you can dream.

We chose to skip over the touristy sites and did a WHOLE lot of un-touristy stuff.  This basically meant walking around until we found a Insta worthy wall or cute little shop. Of course we took a stroll along the Brooklyn Bridge to have brunch. We also walked through Washington Park to see the arch on our way to dinner one evening. My fave thing was probably eating a bagel in Central Park while drinking my hundredth cup of coffee. There are SO many rooftops to visit that offer different views. Soak in all the summer feelings while watching the sunset behind the Empire State Building.

In the midst of our wanders we found ourselves walking along the High Line. It lys atop the city and is seriously the BEST way to take in all the views. While walking you can enjoy treats, drinks, and music. Since we were on this end of town and I’m such a FRIENDS fanatic we made our way to their apartment building (all the excitement!!) *Insert all the FRIENDS mems here*

I could continue to ramble on about all the little areas we spotted for dayzzz but I will move on… BUT WAIT let me quickly mention Canal Street. If you would like a firsthand experience at purchasing a knock off go there. Be prepared to haggle prices and be firm. Since your there go to the corner of Canal and Lafayette Street to take a peak inside the Glossier Showroom// it’s a DREEEAAAM (!!) Okay Okay I am done now.

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-The Eating-

I know you go to NY to shop and we did plenty of that but the amount of food we consumed needs its’ own section. Not to mention we didn’t even make it to every place we wanted to try.

First off let’s talk desserts. Milk & Cream Cereal Bar is a must. Rich creamy ice cream with cereal crushed in, topped with your fav toppings, and finished with a drizzle of sauce… my mouth is watering as I write this. If you have an ice cream problem like I do then you know I also had to try Milk & Cream, confusing I know. But believe me they’re both worth trying! Then of course I tasted ice cream from a truck on the street.

We can’t forget about little Italy. Enjoy the view while eating on the streets at a yummy Italian restaurant. OR pick up a slice or two of 99 cent pizza. Yes… you read that right 99 cents !! This gem is located near the hotel on the corner of Lexington and E 46th Street. Whether it’s lunch or a late night snack you have to try it out.





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Well I think I rambled on long enough… There is so much to say about this trip. New York for sure has different things to offer in the summer than winter. I highly suggest going in both seasons to see it all!!

I hope you enjoyed this very long post about what we got up to on our trip, where’s your fave NY spot?

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