A Life Wrap Up

OH Hello!

As the summer comes to an end and as my last semester of college begins (YAY!!) I thought I would do a little wrap up on my life. A lot has been happening the past few months so I wanted to fill you guys in on the tests God has given me. I really hope this gives you guys some encouragement to just trust in God because His work is amazing and my life has become so much more refreshing.

Let me start out by saying my biggest weaknesses in life is the fact that I am V-E-R-Y impatient. So much so that my nerves take over my thoughts to the point where I can’t eat, sleep, or think of anything else before a major event. For the past seven months God has continued to pull on this weakness.

Rewind to February 5th, where I took a chance and applied to become a Southwest flight attendant. A grueling process that consisted of me and 30,000 other people crashing the website for the same opportunity. As I refreshed the page for two hours I contemplated giving up on my dream job. I mean after two hours wouldn’t you give up all hope too?

For four months I waited for an acknowledgment. If you know me you know this was HARD… as I basically had to put the job behind me and continued the search. As I laid my worries in God’s hands, I felt myself letting go of control at a time. It got to the point where I was checking my email only once a day. Going back to Romans 12:12 “Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.” I love referencing this verse when I feel stuck or conflicted. After countless months of praying through my impatience, I sat there reading an email for me to schedule a phone interview.

At the end of my phone interview I was told I would have an answer in three days. Days one and two I prayed for clarity. That God would place me where I am needed not where I want to be; For God to lead me in His direction, to put my worries aside, to give me a signal that it will all be okay, and to remind me I am strong. In life we know what we want and we know where we want to be, to the point of doing everything we can to get there. Then we are hit with God shifting us in the opposite direction as He shows us where we are meant to be. He places us where we will matter, where we will be happy, and where we will impact the lives of others in the smallest and biggest ways.

I know God understands that my heart lies in serving people wherever I am best needed. He knows our strengths and loves to test our weaknesses to grow as people. But in this moment my love for serving out-shined everything else, because I was given a chance at a face to face interview. I was overjoyed in the moment but found myself back in the waiting game as I was told to wait 3-4 weeks for an email to schedule my interview… instead I waited three more months.

My summer was filled with anxiety with a little bit of fun mixed in. I felt as if I was walking through woods consumed with fog. No clarity, no answers, no path. Little by little God began to slowly take my hand and lead me out of this fog. As he pulled I allowed him pieces of control until I felt my worries begin to wither away.

From the moment I stepped into Southwest Headquarters I was nothing but honored. Out of 30,000 candidates a 21 year old with little experience had the privilege of sitting in front of two interviewers sharing my heart. A week later I am now on the other side of the woods looking back and am happy to say I know where I will be after graduation.

Still in shock, I can tell you I accepted a job offer from Southwest. Depending on my training results I will soon be fulfilling my dream of seeing the country. Will I be in Dallas? Only God knows and I’m to the point where that is as refreshing as a cold glass of cucumber water.

This process was not easy for me because I like to be in control, I hate waiting, and I worry about EVERYTHING. My faith was definitely put to the test which was more difficult than the interview itself. I don’t believe I have ever trusted in God more and 100 percent allowed him to take my hand.

If you grasp anything from my rambling thoughts I hope its that you can beat your weaknesses when you allow God to handle the circumstance. In reality if the process were to move quicker I wouldn’t have been able to take the opportunity while finishing school. At the rate I am going the offer  perfectly lines up with graduation. God is always steps ahead of us and knows far more than what we ever will. It’s so crazy to think about but guys He is AMAZING!

Life is so refreshing with Him by my side. But we need the little tests to keep us humble and in line with our purpose.  “The end of something is better than its beginning. Patience is better than pride.” (Ecclesiastes 7:8) 

Have blissful life


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