Christmas Box: A Few of My Fave Things

Christmas Box Essentials For The Family

Let the festivities begin! My most cherished Christmas tradition happens at the end of Thanksgiving day, when we all come home to a new pair of Christmas pj’s.

This Christmas I decided to put together a Christmas box for the family, of all the holiday essentials- so OF COURSE I had to show you what I picked. A Christmas box filled with everyones favorite things, is the perfect way to get in the spirit!


I found the perfect bags at Target on the Dollar Spot… They were actually a $1 too!


What family doesn’t enjoy a festive pair of pj’s? I found this set at Old Navy (of course) for only $10. The slippers are from trusty ole Target Dollar Spot- I actually snagged them first because I just couldn’t pass them up. 


Unfortunately the ugly Christmas sweater bottoms aren’t made for men, so instead I tied the  look together to match the girls tops. 

bits and pieces

Inside each bag I included popcorn (for all the Christmas films we’ll be watching), hot chocolate and a mug. In the girls bags I added a Starbucks gift car, and in the boys I got their favorite candy. For the little one I included a Christmas light necklace for him to wear to all the festivities.

I think it is so special for everyone to come home to a little holiday cheer. Let me know what you like to do to kick off the Christmas Season!

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