The Travel Diaries: Packing Essentials

Hello all, so glad my packing tips have caught your eye! I’m starting a mini series on the blog as I countdown to my travel to London. I’ll be sharing my tips, tricks, and necessities for traveling for a week.

Today, I’m giving you an inside into my three packing essentials that make travel easier for me. From a weekend trip to a two week trip around Europe, you’ll be set!Carry-2


If my trip is anything under two weeks I always use my carry on size luggage. Not only is it easy, but it forces me to not overpack ( I still do). Here are my recommendations for carry-on luggage:

Calpak luggage 20”: I like the CalPak that I chose because of the compartments inside. The luggage itself is deep and fits packing cubes. There’s a place to hold shoes and a large zipper compartment for cords or miscellaneous items. CalPak is a less expensive option but good quality for the price. I actually found mine at TJ Maxx but I will link an option from the original site.

Here is the link to the Ambeur Carry-On. 

Away luggage 20”: Personally I have not used Away but of course it’s the brand everyone talks about. I’ve read plenty of reviews and there are a few points that I noticed. One, the portable charger does take up room on one side of the suitcase. Two, it doesn’t have the side bumpers compared to other brands, which I like to protect the suitcase. Honest review, it is a good piece of luggage that is worth the price. 

Here is the link to the Away Carry-On. 

Duffle bag: For sure an oldie but a goodie. I have had the same Vera Bradley duffle for years and you would never know. If you are needing a little more space but don’t plan on packing it full this would be a good choice. 

The style I have has been upgraded, so here is the link to the Iconic Large Travel duffle.

Extra large tote: My go to for packing for a quick trip or to store all my inflight essentials, I would recommend a larger tote. I found one at Target that has plenty of compartments for everything you may need. The material is easy clean, I also like that the shoulder strap is removable. 

Here is the link to the Duffel Bag– Heather Gray



Packing cubes are a game changer for me. Before I would try and section of my clothes to keep the organized, but I was still taking stuff out to find that one item. 

I found my cubes at Walmart. It’s a 3-pack and the larger cube has two compartments, The Container Store has a similar 3-pack set if you want something of higher quality. Here is a link for an Amazon set I found. I would recommend these because the pack comes with a separate underwear bag, shoe bag, and toiletry bag. If you have or plan to buy CalPak luggage, the brand also sells packing cubes that fit nicely in their luggage.

I love these because you can squeeze so much in them and the material gives into the amount you pack into one. A little packing tip, to fit more I roll all my clothes.

Liquids Pouch

I found the most amazing carrier for makeup and toiletries. I don’t know about you but I typically have three different bags for all my items. So when I stumbled upon this Amazon find during Prime Day there was no question I would be adding it to my cart.

There’s a main compartment with larger pockets and a deep inside, 2 more zipped compartments on the side and outside pockets. Honestly more pockets than you need! To make it even easier, there’s a hook so you can hang your items in the bathroom.

Here is the link to the Hanging Toiletry Bag. It’s on major sale right now so snag it up while you can! I will also be linking two other alternatives just to give you guys options.

Compact Toiletry bag

Hanging Toiletry Bag

I hope my travel essential recommendations make your next trip a little easier. Stay tuned for more of the Travel Diaries.

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