6 Things To See and Do In Charleston, SC.

Go to the beach. I highly recommend taking a day to go to the beach, I visited Folly Beach and loved it! I rented a bike for $20 and went up and down the beach. There is also paddle board rentals, golf carts, and surf lessons. Once you park your car you’ll never need to drive anywhere else. Lots of eateries and bars too!

Stroll down King Street. You can’t miss King Street, as it is the Main Street through downtown Charleston. From shopping to eating you could spend your whole day walking down this one street.

Take a tour of the Plantation homes. Since I was there during Covid most the Plantation homes were not open for tours. But during normal times I highly suggest taking the time to do so.

Stop by Rainbow Row for Instagramable pics. Aside from colorful old houses there is not anything else to do here but it is located near other landmarks so I would take the time to snap a pic.

Check out the Pineapple Fountain in Waterfront Park. One of Charlestons biggest focal points that has been around since 1990. Designed by Stu Dawson, Jay Faber, Varoujan Hagopian, and Mark Dawson, all of the design firm Sasaki, the pineapple represents Charlestons hospitality.

Go to The Battery. A historical landmark that is named for a civil-war coastal defense artillery battery at the site, it stretches along the lower shores of the Charleston peninsula.

Local of Charleston? Drop your comments about what I and others should do on our next trip to Charleston. As always, feel free to message me privately if you have any questions or just want to chat. Safe Travels!

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